A Medical Qigong Session

The first session includes an Evaluation to get information and decide which protocol will best benefit the client’s condition. Duration: 1 1/2 hour.

The following sessions will also be of an hour and a half each, with time spent on Prescription Exercises and time spent on energetic treatment.

This is Chinese Energetic Medicine. The patient remains fully clothed.

WHAT ARE THE PRESCRIPTIONS EXERCISES?: They are Qigong (Dao Yin) Exercises given at the end of a treatment to assist the healing process between sessions. They are specifically tailored to the needs of the person being treated, very effective, and can be compared, when rightly combined by a trained professional Medical Qigong, to the Chinese Herbs treatment given by an acupuncturist.

Medical Qigong – What do the words mean?

The word “QI” (pronounced Chee) and “GONG” (pronounced Gung) mean “the skillful practice of applying the life-force energy”). In modern China, there are three main schools of Qigong practice: Medical, Martial and Spiritual.

Medical Qigong – One of the four branches of Chinese Medicine.

Medical Qigong, on of the oldest from of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been used in China for 5000 years. Its historical sources go back to ancient systems of esoteric Energetic Alchemy (Daoism) and Dao Yin Therapy.

Medical Qigong is now beginning to gain recognition in the West and is increasingly being investigated for its benefits.