(Chinese Energetic Medicine)

The INITIAL session is one and a half hours long.

It includes an Evaluation to help devise a Treatment Plan for the various “patterns of disharmony” (physical, emotional, environmental). The remaining time is spent on general clinical treatment.

The client is fully clothed (no belt, shoes, jewelry). The Practitioner works OFF THE BODY, often a foot away, and will touch the body to better facilitate the movement of Qi.

Clients, after a Medical Qigong Treatment, generally feel very “relax”, even “in bliss.” They may report having seen beautiful, vivid colors, felt warmth, or tingling, twitching, coolness. . .Some say they were in a meditative state, when others will admit not feeling a thing for the entire session. Those sensations may be totally different the next time they are being treated.

At the end of a treatment, there will be a discussion on treatment strategy, suggestions for life-time modifications when necessary, and the recommendation of specific Exercises and Meditations (Medical Qigong Prescriptions) to further support the healing process.

The Practitioner will plan to do the following sessions in an hour. However, longer sessions may be necessary as the client’s treatment plan is modified due to the client’s changing condition, implying a change too in the Prescription Exercises and Meditations.                                  


The INITIAL session is one and a half hours long.

It consists of Evaluation and general clinical treatment, will be followed by a discussion on goals and concerns and on scheduling treatments according to the client’s condition.

During a CranioSacral session, the client remains fully clothed. Light, comfortable clothing is recommended.

This is a HANDS-ON session. The Therapist uses a very light touch to evaluate the CranioSacral system, gently feeling various locations of the body to test for the ease of motion and rhythm of the Cerebrospinal fluid pulsing around the brain and spinal cord.

The following sessions are one hour. However, the session may be longer if, during the course of the treatment, the Therapist sees the necessity to gently encourage a Somato-Emotional Release (or the release of emotional energy) as a way to help fully discharge a trauma.