Books could be written, but I cannot say enough about Marie Pujalte. She is an extraordinary person, a strong patient advocate and so gifted. She has spent her life helping countless others to find their greatest healing potential. Whether she is brought in by an area physician to assist with their difficult patients or summoned by a client for at home sessions, Marie responds with the most caring heart.
The stories of extraordinary results, and I’ve heard many from others, are countless.
Results for those from which I have direct knowledge include:

   – an individual whose orthopedic surgeon cautioned that surgery and a prolonged healing period would likely ensue  secondary to a vehicular accident which resulted in a badly injured shoulder joint and knee. The thought of surgery was completely cancelled when after two treatments with Marie the surgeon was totally baffled with the self – recovery and the seemingly unbelievable re-taken X-Ray results.

    – a family member whose kidneys had failed to the extent that he was told that dialysis would be imminent and  then large kidney stone and related complications were impairing necessary treatment. Within days of Marie’s  intervention, the kidney stone had disappeared and his creatinine levels dropped to near  impossible levels vs. initial diagnosis. Doctors and technicians were left astonished.

     – a friend whose spinal stenosis had dominated much of her life that Marie assisted in virtually eliminating in only a few sessions. Another successful collaboration!

      -When I met Marie she treated me for back and neck pain that had hampered me for years despite countless conventional medicine visits with others. The results were incredible and came quickly. Later, a large sinus cyst supposedly requiring surgery just disappeared after Marie’s second session with me. I have enjoyed periodic treatments and steady wellness sessions with Marie over the years for whatever else I needed, always with excellent results.

The list goes on about the results that Marie and her client/patients have achieved. Trough dedication and devotion to excellent outcomes, she has truly found her calling.

Always humble, with a pure heart and a divine purpose, she seeks no accolade. She will not espouse her gift, but those of us who have been blessed enough to know her, do so gladly.

Thank you Marie for all that you do for so many.

                       –  STEVEN   C  –