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In a world yearning for answers, one woman embarks on a soul-stirring quest for healing, purpose, and self-discovery. With burning questions in her heart, she sets out to find authentic creativity, expanded consciousness, and a profound connection to nature’s boundless wonders. Guided by an undeniable calling, she journeys into the depths of the Amazon, surrounded by strangers, in search of her destiny entwined within the mystical vines and leaves of Ayahuasca.

Follow her as she unveils the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures, their profound utilization of plant, animal, and ancestral medicines. Witness the transformative power of San Pedro, Peyote, Cannabis, Psilocybin, Bufo Alvarius, and other Psychedelics.

Embark on a scientific odyssey, delving into groundbreaking research and breakthroughs in plant medicine. Traverse the intricate workings of these substances in the human brain, witnessing their potential to cure addiction, alleviate mental health afflictions, and unlock the door to optimal well-being and peak performance.

Challenge the misconceptions and fears that linger from the free love era of the 60s. Explore how LSD and magic mushrooms, once embraced as gateways to new dimensions, were shrouded in scrutiny and banned by officials. But now, in a time of awakening, witness the resurgence of their profound medicinal benefits through rigorous research and undeniable results.

Meet leaders in humanity, technology, and science as they share their insights, paving the way for a safe, regulated, and inclusive space for plant medicine integration. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of ritual and ceremony, where communities gather to honor these ancient practices, cultivating a tapestry of shared healing and wisdom.

Through breathtaking visuals and deeply personal transformations, immerse yourself in a journey that transcends the boundaries of a mere documentary. Discover that within each of us lies the medicine, the key to unlocking our own healing, and the boundless potential to ignite profound shifts in our lives.

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The Crew

Darieth Chisolm

Director, Executive Producer & Narrator

Lolita Files

Executive Producer

Brenda Markstein


Mia LaMotte

Field Producer

Jamie Knapp

Videographer / Editor

José Inrda


Hear from some of the Healers

Dona Marta


3rd Generation Curandera

Yage´/ Ayahuasca



Registered Nurse


Dr. Maria




SunDari Marci Lock


Ascension Mentor & Retreat Facilitator

Psilocybin / Rapé


New York

Certified Clinical & Somatic Sexologist

Bufo Alvarius – 5 MEO DMT



Spiritual Wellness Facilitator

Ibogaine / Iboga



Womb Healer For Childhood Sexual Assault


Tah & Kole

Costa Rica

Psychedelic Informed Coach Specialists

Huachuma / San Pedro



Mycologist Entheogenic cultural literacy



New York

Doula & Reiki Practitioner




Trauma Healing Expert

Microdosing Psilocybin

Astraea Light


Trauma Informed Healing Practitioner

Bufo Alvarius – 5 MEO DMT

The Medicines

How to begin your plant medicine journey

You may be new to plant medicine and have questions like…

“Where do I start?”

“What should I consider?”

“Where do I go?”

“Is it safe?”

“How much does it cost?”

“What can I expect?”

As a part of our research for the docuseries, we’ve gathered a lot of information, tools and resources and we’ve been working with highly skilled and professional people in the psychedelics and plant medicine communities. In support of our contributing collaborators, we offer you this free guide to help you begin your plant medicine journey and understanding of this fascinating world.

Who is Darieth?

Darieth Chisolm is the creator and director of The Way of the Healer™. She is an Emmy-winning TV Host, former NBC News Anchor, Award Winning Filmmaker, Author, International Speaker, Cyber Civil Rights Activist and Personal and Business Development Coach.

Darieth shares the experiences of both change makers and change seekers through the transformative power of storytelling.

She stands side by side with her subjects in her films, videos, podcasts, books and media.

Her work sparks conversations, opens hearts, enriches the souls, and inspires personal, social and policy change.

“I am here with you in search of the answers and with much love” … Darieth



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