The Way of the Healer™ Docuseries

About Darieth

The Way of the Healer™ creator and director, Darieth Chisolm is an Emmy-winning TV Host, former NBC News Anchor and Award Winning Filmmaker, Author, International Speaker, Cyber Civil Rights Activists and Life and Business Coach.

Darieth is a catalyst for transformation and a conscious entrepreneur, whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a celebrated background as a TV News Anchor, receiving multiple Emmy awards, Darieth has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to manifest her dreams.

However, it was during the darkest chapter of her life that Darieth’s true strength emerged. As a victim of cyber sexual assault, she experienced a harrowing ordeal that propelled her to become an unyielding advocate and healer. Turning her personal pain into a catalyst for change, she launched 50 Shades of Silence, a global movement amplifying the voices of silent victims of cyber harassment and online crimes. Through this initiative, Darieth has tirelessly championed societal and legislative reform, igniting a new era of awareness and empowerment.

Darieth’s journey is not one of linear ascent. Embracing an introspective sabbatical known as C.A.L.M., she embarked on a profound exploration of personal development, spirituality, and soul searching. It was during this transformative period that her unique coaching methodology, SHIFT, took shape.

Drawing upon an expansive toolkit encompassing neuroscience, spirituality, consciousness, mindfulness, and the integration of psychedelics and plant medicine, Darieth guides her clients on extraordinary journeys of self-discovery and transformation. Collaborating with esteemed healers, therapists, and psychedelic-informed integration coaches, she provides a holistic and nurturing environment tailored to each individual’s needs.

At the core of Darieth’s coaching philosophy is the creation of a safe space imbued with trust, respect, and confidentiality. Through comprehensive assessments, clear goal-setting, and personalized strategies, she empowers her clients to challenge limiting beliefs, embrace empowering perspectives, and take consistent action towards their aspirations.

Darieth’s impact extends beyond transforming individual lives. She redefines the concept of work, guiding countless individuals to unlock their passions and infuse their daily lives with joy, play, and pleasure. Through her groundbreaking coaching methodology, she inspires remarkable success stories across diverse fields, embodying the transformative power of her approach.
As a true embodiment of conscious living, Darieth serves as a guiding light, inspiring others to awaken their full potential, navigate life’s challenges with grace, and seize opportunities with unwavering confidence and purpose. Through her thought-provoking podcast and compelling documentary, “The Way of the Healer,” she explores the realms of plant medicine, psychedelics, and consciousness, shedding light on transformative healing modalities that uplift and illuminate countless lives.

Darieth Chisolm empowers you to shift, transform, and embrace your highest potential. Together, let us embark on a journey of profound self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

Continuing with you in search of the answers and with much love.