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Deactivating Unwanted Thoughts: Shift your focus to your Desires | Ep 017


Hey there, fellow conscious explorer and creative soul seeker! Today, we’re going to dive into the incredible world of awareness and tuning into life’s subtleties. It’s a journey of self-discovery and creation that can transform your life in profound ways. So, let’s explore how we can cultivate awareness and fine-tune our inner radio station.

Imagine your life as a radio, and you have the power to choose the station you want to hear. But if your tuner is set to the wrong frequency, you’ll miss out on the beautiful music playing on your desired channel. It’s all about finding that sweet spot of tuning in.

So, how can you be more aware, tune in, and experience more peace and joy in your life? Let me share a few quick tips with you.

First, it’s essential to understand that our beliefs are active vibrations within us, shaping our experiences. If we hold onto vibrations about things we don’t want, they interfere with the signal of what we do want. It’s like being on the wrong channel. But fear not! There’s a way to shut down those unwanted channels and start tuning in to what truly matters.

Here’s the tricky part: when we try not to think about something, we often end up thinking about it even more. It’s like fixating on a pothole while trying to avoid it and, inevitably, falling right into it. Instead, we need to shift our focus to what we genuinely desire. By doing so, we deactivate the unwanted thoughts and open space for the wanted ones.

The Law of Attraction responds to the dominant vibrations we emit. It brings us more of what we’re already focused on, both the wanted and the unwanted. To break free from this cycle, we need to quiet our minds. Meditation is a beautiful practice that allows us to slow down, be present, and become aware of our inner energy.

To assist you in this journey, I’ve created a beautiful guided meditation series with high-frequency music. It’s completely free and available here. I encourage you to visit the website, set up an account, and explore the meditations at your convenience. They can be a powerful tool on your path to increased awareness.

In the meantime, remember that you can always find peace and stillness in the present moment. Create an intentional space for yourself, wear comfortable clothing, and focus on something subtle. It could be the gentle hum of the air conditioning, the rhythm of your own breath, or any steady sound that keeps your attention without distracting you.

As you enter this realm of stillness, even for just a few moments, your body and mind begin to relax, and your vibration starts to rise. It’s like releasing a cork held underwater—it naturally floats to the surface. You’re getting in sync with your higher consciousness, that wise part of you connected to universal wisdom, love, and source.

In this state of connection, you’re free from the noisy chatter of habitual thoughts. Your higher consciousness can gently whisper general guidance, and you can feel a sense of well-being. It might be a feeling of floating, euphoria, or simply deep peace. It’s a profound connection with the essence of who you are—a beautiful dance with the high frequency of your soul.

Start with just 15 minutes of meditation each day, finding that stillness within. Some days it may take longer to reach that state, but remember that the journey is as important as the destination. Allow yourself to immerse in the soothing resonance, and observe how your vibration gradually aligns with your higher consciousness.

After a few days of consistent practice, something magical unfolds. Subtle thoughts start flowing in, and you become more aware. These thoughts feel good, like little nuggets of inspiration and clarity. Pay attention to them, my friend. They are the breadcrumbs guiding you along your path and journey in life.

Remember, your higher consciousness knows you better than anyone else. It understands your desires, your beliefs, and the perfect timing for everything. Trust in the process. Embrace the soft allowing of your vibration to rise. And before you know it, you’ll be dancing to the rhythm of inspired thoughts, effortlessly creating the life you’ve always envisioned.

So go ahead, embrace the power of being still and quiet, and make meditation a regular practice in your life. Explore the depths of your consciousness and embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery and creative transformation.

Keep shining, my fellow conscious explorer and creative soul seeker. Your path awaits!

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