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Embodiment and Ascension: A Journey of Blissful Transformation with SunDari Marci Lock | Ep 002

In today’s captivating episode, we had the privilege of conversing with Marci Locke, a remarkable individual also known as SunDari—the alchemist of light and Liberation. As a global ascension mentor, ambassador of the divine, embodied soul, guide, and spiritual leader, SunDari’s wisdom and expertise have empowered countless individuals on their path towards higher evolution. In this blog post, we delve into the profound insights shared during our conversation, exploring the transformative power of embodiment and the integration of ascension codes into daily life. Join us on this transformative journey as we explore the messages she received from otherworldly beings, her exploration of multidimensional consciousness, and her enlightening experience of darkness immersion in Guatemala.

Embodying the Codes of Ascension

SunDari’s brilliance lies in her ability to guide individuals beyond mere information and into the realm of embodiment. She emphasizes that true transformation and lasting change stem from integrating the codes of ascension into our daily lives. Education alone is insufficient—it is through the process of embodying these teachings that we unlock our highest potential and create enduring blissful change. SunDari shares profound insights on how to bridge the gap between knowledge and lived experience, providing practical tools for integrating ascension codes into our daily routines.

Conversations with Beings of Light

During our engaging discussion, SunDari shares her extraordinary encounters with beings from other realms, including aliens and ascended masters. These conversations offer profound insights and messages not only for SunDari but for all of humanity. By exploring these enlightening dialogues, we gain a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness and the wisdom that awaits us beyond the limitations of our physical reality.

Beyond 3D and 5D Consciousness

While many individuals are currently engaged in discussions surrounding 3D and 5D consciousness, SunDari takes us on a transformative journey beyond these familiar dimensions. Our conversation explores the concept of 13 dimensions and the boundless realms that lie beyond. Through SunDari’s guidance, we expand our understanding of consciousness, discovering new possibilities and unlocking the potential for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

The Power of Darkness Immersion

SunDari recounts her recent profound experience of darkness immersion in Guatemala. For four and a half days, she embraced the darkness and fasted, delving deep into self-exploration and spiritual introspection. By immersing herself in this transformative practice, SunDari shares how she gained profound insights, accessed higher states of consciousness, and experienced a profound connection with the divine. Her journey serves as an inspiration, inviting us to explore our own paths of self-discovery and transformation.

Choosing Our Suffering: A Conversation of Empowerment

In the latter part of our conversation, SunDari takes us on a thought-provoking exploration of the concept of choosing our own suffering. We delve into the depths of this profound subject, questioning the nature of suffering and its role in our lives. SunDari’s insights challenge us to reevaluate our perspectives, empowering us to make conscious choices that lead to greater joy, fulfillment, and spiritual growth.


Our conversation with Marci Locke, SunDari, has been nothing short of transformative. From her embodiment teachings and conversations with otherworldly beings to her exploration of multidimensional consciousness and her enlightening experience of darkness immersion, SunDari’s wisdom offers a pathway to blissful enduring change. As we integrate the codes of ascension into our daily lives, we step into our true potential, embracing our divine essence and shaping a brighter future. Join us on this journey of transformation and discover the power within you to create meaningful change. Note: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position.  

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You can master your emotions, raise your vibration, increase your personal frequency, and create what’s next in your life with ease, grace, and flow. Learn how to expand your consciousness, get into flow states and peak performance, and live your greater purpose.