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How Psychedelics & Feminism are Shaping the Future with Leo Russell | Ep 008

Educating and Reaching Out to Inclusive Spaces.

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of meeting Leonora Russell, a licensed mental health therapist and substance use disorder professional in Washington State. With 20 years of experience working with vulnerable populations, Leo has been at the forefront of various initiatives, including the decriminalization of nature and the legal psilocybin effort in Washington State. She now leads the Theo Society, focusing on plant medicine education and community building. In this episode, we explore the concept of theogenic feminism, the importance of diverse voices, and the challenges in the psychedelic space.

Finding Balance in the Psychedelic Space

Leo expresses her concern about how the patriarchal, capitalist, and colonial culture has permeated the sacred space of plant medicine. She highlights the greed and power dynamics that often dominate these discussions. To create a responsible and inclusive psychedelic community, Leo emphasizes the need to shed the old ways and embrace a more holistic and conscious approach.

Empowering Women and Embracing Diversity

Leo finds inspiration in witnessing women from all walks of life stepping up and claiming their power in the psychedelic movement. She believes that as a society becomes more diverse and culturally progressive, it is crucial to have role models representing various backgrounds. By ensuring that marginalized voices are heard, we can strive for a more inclusive and peaceful society.

Challenges and Opportunities

Leo recognizes the need to address the systematic disenfranchisement faced by indigenous communities and marginalized groups. She emphasizes the importance of upholding their authentic voices and including them in decision-making processes. Grassroots organizations, like the Theo Society, play a vital role in creating platforms for these voices to be heard and fostering community-building and education.

Creating Inclusive Spaces

Leo discusses the importance of self-examination within organizations and movements. She encourages organizations to assess their inclusivity and consider the diversity of voices present. By actively involving people from different backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives, a more inclusive and empathetic space can be created. Leo also challenges the liberal community to include individuals with differing political affiliations, promoting dialogue and understanding.

Personal Journey and Advocacy

Leo shares her personal journey with plant medicine, starting from her college experiences with psychedelics to joining an Ayahuasca Church. Her encounters with plant medicine allowed her to heal personal traumas and understand the disparities within the legal system. Motivated to drive change, Leo became involved in decriminalization efforts and aims to make plant medicine accessible and safe for everyone.

Educating and Reaching Out

Leo acknowledges the challenge of bridging the gap between communities that are skeptical of psychedelics and those aware of their potential benefits. She emphasizes the importance of creative approaches, such as storytelling and personalized messaging, to meet people where they are and initiate productive conversations. Education, coupled with tailored advocacy efforts, can help overcome the stigma associated with psychedelics.


In this episode, we explored theogenic feminism, the need for diversity and inclusivity, and the challenges faced in the psychedelic space. Leo Russell’s work exemplifies the power of community building and education to bring about positive change. By embracing diverse voices and creating inclusive spaces, we can honor the sacredness of plant medicine and work towards a more harmonious society.


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Leonora “Leo” Russell, LMFT is a therapist, artist, writer, and activist in the field of mental health, specifically civil commitment human rights issues and the politics of psychedelic medicine. She has over twenty years experience working on the front lines of the mental health and chemical dependency crisis in Seattle and across Washington State. She currently leads the non-profit Entheo Society of Washington, a community organization focusing on education and community building around Entheogenic plants and fungi. Ms. Russell began her career in social justice and mental health, specifically cultural based counseling-and has worked in the Native American community of the Pacific Northwest as a counselor, chemical dependency specialist, and child welfare worker.


You can master your emotions, raise your vibration, increase your personal frequency, and create what’s next in your life with ease, grace, and flow. Learn how to expand your consciousness, get into flow states and peak performance, and live your greater purpose.