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The Sacred Path to Healing with Frédéric Cherri | Ep 004

In this episode, we delve into the sacred relationship between humans and the teachers of ancestral medicine. My guest, Frédéric Cherri eloquently describes this connection, saying it’s like entering a cathedral, a space of profound humility and impeccability. We explore the transformative power of embracing our true selves and becoming active participants in the game of life.

Frédéric has a background in business and commercial activities, he has experienced a transformative dream that set him on the path of natural healing modalities. Over time, he’s developed a deep affinity for alternative ways of knowing and embarked on a quest of self-discovery and service. This journey led him to shamanic traditions and the integration of shamanism with his therapeutic work, ultimately ushering a path of healing.

Ancestral medicine is not just about the use of plants and natural remedies, but it encompasses a deep relationship with the plant teachers and sacred spaces. When we enter this realm, we step into a cathedral of wisdom, humility, and impeccable learning. Plant medicines, hold a message for us—a call to grow, change, heal, and reclaim our true selves. In recent times, there has been a surge of interest in plant medicine, but it’s essential to approach it with reverence and respect. In this blog post and podcast episode, we will delve into the sacredness of ancestral medicine, the communication with plant intelligence, and the transformative journey it offers.

The Sacred Relationship with Ancestral Medicine

Ancestral medicine is not simply about using remedies; it is about embracing the role of a student, entering a sacred relationship with teachers who impart wisdom and guide us. This sacred space demands humility and an impeccable attitude—an acknowledgment of who we are and a willingness to grow and learn. By embracing this relationship, we become part of a collective journey of understanding the game of life and its ultimate purpose.

The Communication of Plant Medicine:

Many people claim to be in communication with plants, experiencing their profound relationships firsthand. But what does this intelligence and conversation entail? To explain this experience to those who haven’t had the opportunity, we need to understand the dynamics of plant medicine ceremonies. Within these ceremonial contexts, a meeting occurs between the medicine and the individual. The spirit of the plant meets you halfway, and for effective communication, the person must be willing to meet the plant where it meets you. This communication requires surrendering our fears, prejudices, and preconceived notions, allowing us to enter a space of deep listening and transformation.

The Continuation of Plant Medicine

Plant medicine journeys do not end with the ceremony itself. Even after the initial experience, there can be days, weeks, or months of ongoing connection and reactivation. These reactivations may manifest as dreams, insights, or teachings that occur unexpectedly. Once we have encountered the spirit of the plant, it becomes a permanent part of us, always present in a collaborative and reciprocal manner. These reactivations offer us opportunities to continue our growth, providing further guidance and wisdom when we need it most.

Personal Journey and Path to Knowing

The journey towards plant medicine and understanding other ways of knowing is unique for each individual. In Frédéric’s case the path unfolded unexpectedly through a series of dreams and synchronistic events. He initially pursued a career in business but eventually found himself drawn to natural healing modalities. Through cranial osteopathy and craniosacral therapy. He began his journey as a therapist, which later led him to the practice of shamanism, learning from elders in northern Peru. Combining shamanic wisdom with cranial osteopathy, he discovered the profound role of shamanism in healing and the importance of reconnecting with nature and the sacred.

The Rise of Shamanism in Modern Times

The resurgence of shamanism in modern times reflects a collective call to grow up and reconnect with the ancient wisdom that has been marginalized and forgotten. Indigenous tribes, such as the Kogi in northern Colombia, emphasize the need for humanity to come back into alignment with nature and recognize our role as stewards of the Earth. The rise of shamans and the interest in shamanistic practices signify a deep yearning to restore our connection with the sacred and find balance in our lives.


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